Amber Houghstow

Amber Houghstow directs the Peace Rising project, which was inspired by her graduate research. Peace Rising’s methodology builds on thesis research conducted during her master’s in international relations at Harvard. Previously, Amber organized a program for tech entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, conducted design research for the MIT D-Lab, advised the Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation in its development of a climate grants portfolio, and taught junior high math through Teach for America. Amber earned her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from MIT.

Sheila Baber

 As Peace Rising’s newest member, Sheila Baber heads the group’s efforts in data aggregation and analysis. Drawing from her experience of living abroad in multiple countries, Sheila also acts as the outreach director in the Middle East and has previously worked for the Public Affairs Office at the United States Consulate General in Jerusalem. Sheila is currently in the process of earning her undergraduate degree in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science from MIT.

Thomas Delgado

Thomas Delgado brings technical expertise and critical analysis to Peace Rising. Thomas studied computer science and philosophy at MIT and has used his coding knowledge to consult for social media based advertising strategy and build an affordable community organizing platform. He has advised the Peace Rising project from its earliest stages.


Daniel Tatar

Dan Tatar earned his bachelor’s degree from Brown, where he studied history, economics, and religion. His professional experience as a researcher and writer, combined with his background on the relationship between economics, history, and conflict have been valuable in guiding the Peace Rising project’s ongoing work.



Farhana Khan

Farhana Khan formerly directed Peace Rising’s data science research. She now serves as an adviser to the group, contributing expertise from her background in computer science and anthropology. Previously, Farhana worked as a software engineer at Conduit, with prior roles at the Yunus Centre and Grameen Bank. Farhana earned her bachelor’s from MIT, where she studied anthropology and computer science, and also holds a master’s in CS.